Apply to be an exhibitor

Physical Presence Stands count with virtual
Personalized Attention for remote visitors

Support with the e-B2B Connect app for face-to-face and virtual business encounters

Scanning of QR codes

Real time chat interaction


Virtual meetings agenda

Calificación bidireccional

Detailed Exhibitor description card

With your confirmation as an exhibitor you have access to:

  • e-B2B Connect NAT Supplier Annual Membership 10 Products.
  • Square meters of stand contracted in the requested location.
  • Exhibitor Dashboard that will allow you to attend buyers before, during and after the event.
  • 4 access for exhibition staff.

Registration fee of $480 USD (VAT included)
(Co-exhibitors also pay registration fee)

Payment of space in exhibition area cost per m2 according to type of location:

  • Drawer $125 USD
  • Esquina y/o cabecera $135 USD
  • Isla $140 USD